Our luxury and unique dance and walkabout acts range from popular eras, cultures and well known loved themes. All have been carefully choreographed and styled to create both highly entertaining and visually stunning performances.  Whether it is The Great Gatsby, Studio 54, Circus, Peaky Blinders or The Greatest showman themed event, we can tailor any of our acts to fit a specific genre and personalise to fit any request.


70’s disco & Rolling skating walkabout


She’s the ferocious fashion icon, the face of androgyny, and the bold visual artist that pushed all boundaries.


Ladies and gentleman, Miss Grace Jones...


This high fashion inspired act takes you back to the 70’s disco era when fashion queens, supermodels and movie stars, were hassling at the door to get into studio 54.


An incredible fun combination of  70s dance moves, flamboyant outfits and banging disco beats. This is the ultimate party starting number that will undoubtedly get everybody laughing and up on the dance floor, grooving the night away.

Designer Colin Horgan

Photography Magic Owen

Videography Luke Osullivan



This comical yet utterly charming strip tease act is based on the characteristics of the iconic Betty Boop. Covered purely by balloons this lovey dovey performance will no doubt leave your audience in fits of laughter. A perfect act for family friendly events.


Balloon colours can be personalised to fit the theme of your event.

Photography Silvijah Gec

Artist Mathew Lawrence




Androgynous Burlesque


ANDROGYNY: The quality or state of being neither specifically feminine or masculine,

the combination of feminine and masculine characteristics: 


This dark and risqué burlesque performance challenges the social perception of gender fluidity. Exploring characters of both masculine and feminine qualities, combining fight choreography with strip tease. This unique thought provoking and sensual act will keep the audience guessing whilst on the edge of their seats.

Photography Nesta Lloyd

Artist Mathew Lawrence


Classic Burlesque


'Come and do the Locomotion with the J’adore La Vie ladies’ 


Hop aboard and let us take you back to the 1950s, the pinnacle era of glamour and burlesque striptease. Beautiful women empowering their own female sexuality, whilst draped in the finest diamonds and french silk.


This audience interactive striptease will leave everybody blushing whilst creating the perfect party atmosphere. A fun vintage take on Kylie Minogue’s Classic 80’s hit.

Photography Nesta Lloyd

Artist Elena Shkvarkina


Musical theatre: Fosse


Ladies and gentlemen, Chicago's own killer, drillers, those scintillating sisters, Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly. It’s 1925 and life for this double act consist of scandal, fame, and JAIL! The dreams to becoming Vaudevilles most famous stars will not go without a fight or criminal record for that matter. Based upon the famous Bob Fosse musical, Chicago, this high energised performance combines slick dance choreography, show stopping costumes and bundles of personality. Never again will you dare to underestimate the power of this duo act.


80s/90s Street Jazz, Tap

J’adore La Vie break onto the scene!  A mob of paparazzi dressed in long trench coats and blacked out sunglasses trying to steal a glimpse of these famous faces which once graced the cover of every glossy magazine back then. Setting the standard of beauty for generations to come. They were the goddesses of fashion, featured on every magazine cover with their Amazonian-like athletic bodies.


J’adore La Vie pay tribute to the 80s/90s supermodel era, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford,  & Claudia Schiffer. Inspired by Burberry this high energy street jazz number incorporates slick tap choreography, high cut leotards and supermodel aesthetics.

Designer Polosophia


1950s Comedy Pin Up 

"Come along girls show us your bathing costumes"... It’s a hot summers day in 1952 and on the exotic beaches of Brighton pier, the most glamorous of women have gathered to showcase the latest trends in cutting edge swimwear design.


Friendly competition doesn’t go a miss as these fashionistas strive to be the most stylish lady of leisure. Keeping up appearances whilst eyeing up fashion rivals through their oversized designer sunglasses. Not a hair out of place or chipped nail in sight... very tasteful, very chic!


This comical yet utterly fabulous character pin up dance is a light hearted and highly entertaining vintage performance, full of legs, lipstick and laughter. A fantastic opening number for all events.

Videographer Luke Osullivan



 Japanese Fans & Fire, high fashion stilts 


Masked behind a mysterious presence, these women of the night rule the kingdom. Portraying an image of unity to their fellow people, a companionship of discipline, power and strength. 


This oriental femme fatale inspired multi skill act is a powerful performance, fusing together elements of Thai Chi, Vogue dance and traditional Japanese fans. Both sensual and artistic, this number creates an intense and undeniably strong presence.


This can also be performed with fire and as a high fashion stillts walkabout.

Designer Mathew Lawrence

Videographer Kassandra Powell

Photographer Magic Owen

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