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A stunning fusion of lyrical contemporary ballet and aerial hoop performed with a live pianist on a bespoke hand painted piano prop.


In French means Bloom

Inspired by Gucci Bloom and pulling strong influences from the fantastical imagination of Tim Walker, this act will whisk you away to a whimsical enchanted wonderland.

With stunning art installations with a hand painted piano prop dressed in fresh flowers, romantic motifs and bespoke live music between ballerina and pianis Floraison is a bewitching ode to art.

This show can be performed with or without aerial rigging. Either with aerial hoop or simply as a lyrical contemporary ballet floor act. Whatever you choose, this act will deliver a touch of magic and copious amounts of beauty.

A perfect act for Weddings, Spring, Summer Parties and Easter. This act can be tailored to fit your theme, available as a set performance and or with ambient sets.

Artist Janet Mayer

Pianist & Composer David Franklyn

Direction Kassandra Powell 

Film Luke Osullivan 

Designers Bella Nude & Polosophia

Photography Magic Owen

Art Installation Mathew Lawrence

Florist Phillip Corps

Make up Gemma Howell

Hair Brendan Osullivan



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